Snock ‘N Roll: Adventures With Michael Hurley (Complete Documentary Short) from Marc Israel on Vimeo.

Phenomenal World Cinema presents you with a 25 minute documentary about legendary folksinger Michael Hurley, based on chance encounters with him this past summer. Hurley’s music has had a broad influence on other performers, including Lucinda Williams, Smog, Yo La Tengo, Violent Femmes, and singer Cat Power, who’s recorded several of his songs for her albums. Please enjoy!

Comic art person Mark Martin (mentioned here recently for his new Gnatrat comic) points us to this short film about kombucha and Michael Hurley. Mr. Hurley has been releasing records and comics since the 1960’s. He is generally considered a sort of national treasure; and, he is still performing and releasing new material today. He is also working on an album of songs about Monsanto and a feature length film called American Boogie. More info and greatness on his site.