Tales from the Edge #3


by Barron Storey & Co.

Curious 90s anthology featuring astounding art by Barron Storey and Marshall Arisman. Cover art by Marshall Arisman. 


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Curious 90s anthology. Beware the Eye that Doth Behold Her!, script and art by J. David Spurlock; Rick confronts Dr. Xyclops in his lair. Slidehouse, script and art by Barron Storey. Untitled Stinger Ray story, script and art by Pat Boyette; While on the trail of the girl, Max and the Sheriff encounter what looks like a dinosaur and the area’s native people. Frozen Images preview, art by Marshall Arisman. Cover art by Marshall Arisman. 

32 page black and white comic with color covers
Vanguard, 1993

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