by Nick Maandag

Three friends who run a local streaking club strive towards achieving the “perfect streak.”

Mean Dog Comics
ISBN: 9780986882203

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“This absolutely brilliant comic tells the story of a dysfunctional, hilarious Streaking Appreciation Society made up of four goofballs and misfits. Told in a deadpan, low-key style, and exquisitely rendered with perfect crosshatching, this book is spot on brilliant. —John Porcellino

“Streakers is that rare creation – a work whose subject matter is unexpected, unasked for, and probably unwanted (!)… and yet, one that is both funny and genuinely affecting.  I certainly laughed plenty while readin it.  It’s a very funny book.  But I also felt strangely moved by these unpleasant creeps.  I was in their corner cheering them on the whole time.  Against all odds, Streakers is surely the book of the year!” —Seth

52 page black and white paperback with color covers
Mean Dog Comics, 2011

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