Sandman Midnight Theatre


by Neil Gaiman & Matt Wagner
art: Teddy Kristiansen

What was left untold in Sandman #1 is at last revealed here! In the late 1930’s, a mysterious suicide leads the Golden Age Sandman (Wesley Dodds) to a dark circle of mystics known as the Order of Ancient Mysteries. The Order holds a number of disturbing secrets…and the greatest of these is Morpheus, the imprisoned Dream King!

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1939. England stands at the brink of war.

Following a trail of blackmail, murder and suicide, Wesley Dodds — the mysterious crimefighter known only as the Sandman — travels from New York to London and discovers a circle of socialites obsessed with the occult. His dangerous quest takes him on a mission in the rough East End to a strange party at the Sussex manor house that is home to the Order of Ancient Mysteries. Deep in the sprawling guts of “Fawnex Rig”, the Sandman uncovers black schemes, hidden identities and the mystic sphere that imprisons Dream of The Endless.

Cover by Dave McKean.

64 page full color paperback
Vertigo, 1995

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