Harvey Kurtzman’s Complete Trump Magazine

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by Harvey Kurtzman

Trump (1956-57) was Harvey Kurtzman’s dream project for Playboy‘s Hugh Hefner after he left Mad Magazine in the mid-1950s. Reportedly the most expensive satire magazine ever produced, it remains largely a legend. Ripped out of its time and dropped into the most unhappily-ironic era imaginable, where satire is arguable a dead thing, and cruel magical ‘realities’ stomp on our faces daily like giant cartoon Oompa Loompas in hobnail boots, the darkest areas of Kurtzman’s Trump may now seem like an idyllic suburban paradise.

Dark Horse
ISBN: 9781506701028

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Trump (1956-57) was Harvey Kurtzman’s dream magazine for Hugh Hefner and Playboy. Despite top talent (Mel Brooks, Will Elder, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Al Jaffee), only two issues saw print. Six decades later the legendary Trump is finally collected, including the aborted issue #3. For six long decades, the legendary TRUMP has never been collected… until now. With never-before-seen art, including the surviving contents of the third issue, this long overdue collection will blow the minds of fans of Kurtzman, satire, and 1950s American pop culture.

“I gave Harvey Kurtzman an unlimited budget at TRUMP, and he exceeded it.” Hugh Hefner, publisher

Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993) was a cartoonist, writer, editor and comics genius. He is probably best remembered for MAD, which he founded in 1952. He created 28 revolutionary issues for E.C. publisher Bill Gaines (for whom he also created Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat) with such talent as Will Elder, Jack Davis, and Wally Wood before leaving in 1956. Kurtzman then created the short-lived satire magazine Trump for Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner in 1957. He followed with the comic-size Humbug in 1958, then Help! magazine. During his Help! tenure he discovered such diverse talent as Terry Gilliam, Gloria Steinem, Gilbert Shelton, and R. Crumb. In 1962 he and collaborator Will Elder began producing the long-running and elaborate Little Annie Fanny comic for Playboy. In the ’70s he became known as the “father-in-law of underground comix” for inspiring a new generation of media-bending cartoonists. He passed away in 1993. Harvey was a great friend to Wow Cool in our earliest days in New York and we miss him greatly.

184 page full color hardcover
Dark Horse, 2016

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