Cartoon History of the Modern World Vol. 1


Beginning with Columbus’s arrival on America’s shores, master cartoonist, historian, and storyteller Larry Gonick traces the history of humanity through to the United States’ emergence as a world superpower, the technological revolution, and the resurgence of militant religion.

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The Cartoon History of the Modern World is a wickedly funny take on modern history. It is essentially a complete and up?to?date course in college level Modern World History, but presented as a graphic novel. In an engaging and humorous graphic style, Larry Gonick covers the history, personalities and big topics that have shaped our universe over the past five centuries, including the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the evolution of political, social, economic, and scientific thought, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, the Cold War, Globalization??and much more.

208 Pages Black & White Paperback

Harper Collins, 2006

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Larry Gonick


9.78006E 17