Offset//Needle//Radius  Winter Performance Series, MISSION///COMPLETE

Saturday night concluded a series of five performances around Northern New England over the last two months. The collapsed economy and consequential unemployment greatly aided in the conceptualizing and execution of each performance. A rare moment in Modern America, to have an abundance of “free” time to concentrate on one’s craft. This unique opportunity was used to explore different approaches and languages so that there wasn’t much revisiting of material from week to week.

Beginning on January 24th with a performance in Manchester, NH, where a last minute decision to collaborate with Marc Bisson and Dei Xrist of Birdorgan resulted in a very unique blend of sounds of motors, guitars, sampled voices, microcassette recorders, toys, synth, etc.

Next, a performance at Strange Maine, utilizing primarily prepared electric guitar played with steel rod, bike tool, dc motor, rubber bands.

Third was a trip to Lowell Massachusetts, where Offset Needle Radius used a 700c bicycle wheel and record amplified using contact mic were used.

Last night, back in Manchester, for the final night of performances at the Underground M.A.P. Project. Sabian ride cymbal was used to create a loop that accompanied the guitar drone with the addition of some electronics.

It has been a great time, each performance in different spaces, meeting other performers and art/sound enthusiasts from around the area. It’ll be nice to have a few weekends off now. Except next week is XFEST at 119 Gallery in Lowell, the weekend after is the Manchester Cocktail party, the weekend after that is……….

Offset Needle Radius is now booking performances around Boston/NYC/Providence in celebration of the upcoming Offset Needle Radius/Nickname: Rebel 12″ release on Wow Cool. Offset Needle Radius will perform with Nickname: Rebel in the Boston//New England area April 11th and 12th, NYC//Providence Apr. 17th/18th.

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