Offset Needle Radius Blog Launched

Offset Needle Radius

Joshua Baker has launched a new Offset Needle Radius blog today. That’s what I call putting a day off to really good use. He’s already got three posts on there, so there is plenty to read… this ain’t no bookmark for later.

Offset Needle Radius began in February of 2008 as I transitioned into solo improvised experimental performance from a lifetime of punk rock and metal influences. Where I still find comfort in these areas of music, my creative intent has shifted.
My goal as a performer, is to present a language of sound influenced by current events and states of being, both personally and globally. I pursue the goal of conveying emotion, a sense of connection with the listener beyond words. My hope is to invoke a state of deep connection through inspiring more critical level of listening than we are used to employing when exposed to more conventional styles of music.

You can also follow his tweets @OffsetSound and friend him on the MySpaceship. The Offset Needle Radius Vs. nickname: Rebel LP is available to download now. Vinyl expected June, 2009.