I was just sent this by Scott Beibin, who worked on it, and am sharing it. I’m a little behind on what is going on in New York at the moment, so playing catchup now. Whatever your view, this is pretty major and you should stay informed. This video makes an interesting gateway into the datastream.

I’ve been watching the news enough to think that is very likely that London is going to erupt over the next few days. The City of London, commonly just, The City, is one of the largest financial services centers in the world. It has just been revealed that half the donations to the Tories have come from that sector. The Conservative Party Conference is underway. In the meanwhile, you see articles like this one in the Guardian about how great the $100 Million Lloyd’s building is and you can start to get a little steamed too. So… Occupy the City? I can’t wait to read what Charlie Brooker has to say.

More info: Adbusters Occupy Wall Street Page