nickname: Rebel – R is for Riot album is done – RPM Challenge Success

R is for Riot

OK. I just spent the month of February taking the RPM Challenge-record an album of at least 10 songs or 35 minutes in 29 days. Easy, right? Except I’m down in Knoxville and the band (Brown Cuts Neighbors, nickname: Rebel, anyone!) is now scattered to the four corners. I was talked into this mad venture by the Rev. Joshua Baker (God Hates Computers, Chased and Smashed, childhood friend) who is in a similar boat up in Maine. We’re both also trying to figure out how new digital audio deals work on our respective underpowered laptops. The very last tune I finished was the one we had worked on together, and probably the most successful – check out Ouroboros (4MB MP3).Ouroboros If this sounds at all like something you want to hear, you can have the whole thing for free (30MB zipped MP3 files and cover in PDF). It’s called R is for Riot and is by nickname: Rebel. There are just 10 songs. It’s 21 minutes. A few songs have words, they concern micronations with solar powered submarines, lab accidents, Ernest O. Lawrence, and tactful ways to tell someone they’re being cheated on. I got done just in the proverbial nick… getting it in the mail 9 minutes before deadline. nickname: Rebel RPM Page | Josh’s Not Square with Zero RPM Page

What I learned

  • Get a taller drum throne. I cannot believe how much my legs hurt.
  • That old saying, never mix the same day… oh yeah. These actually sound ok a day or 2 later.
  • I’m not loosing my mind now that there are just a few days left… that already happened yesterday.
  • Always record every take, even the practice warm up one. Some things are hard to nail. Had two perfect solo runs lost to time. All the ones I got down… eh.
  • I have recorded none of the songs I wrote or planned in the first week.


Marc Arsenault