Portland’s comics performance collective, Gridlords, has seen fit to grace us with a second anthology, and it’s bigger, slicker, and weirder than we could have hoped for! Other Worlds explores the myriad other dimensions, other places, and other experiences that exist alongside us and within us. Where does your dog really go when he runs off, and would you be brave enough to go after him — no matter what? What kind of effort does an imagination vacation take to sustain, and is the payoff worth it? Will you really die if you see your doppelgänger? How do you best help an elderly woman losing her memories? WHAT IS A GRUMPLORD?! All these questions and more are asked and answered. Featuring work by Rebecca Artemisa, Max Clotfelter, Dunja Jankovic, Darin Shuler, Sophie Franz, Anna Ehrlemark, Elizabeth Pusack, Fiona Avocado, Ryan Iverson, Kelly Froh, Joel Statz, Matt Lock, Marsuplala, Luke Forsyth, Jesse McManus, Graham Kahler, Nusha Ashjaee, Kevin Hooyman, Theo Ellsworth, Sean Christensen A.B.T., Daria Tessler, and Lillie & Asher Craw, you won’t want to miss this incredible collection for anything.