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The immediacy of the pacing drives home Emond’s unique spin on the Inferno: it’s shocking, and demands that you open your eyes immediately and assess your situation. The Inferno happens to someone else, but Debbie’s Inferno
is happening to you—you don’t need Debbie-info when Debbie is you, and
you’re learning the ropes of the dream-game along with her.
” –Andrew Tran, 8CN

Debbie’s Inferno available here!

“Like a comedic collaboration between Zoroaster and Freud, the comics of Meghan Turbitt
portray the eternal forces of id and superego locked in never-ending
battle, using spit-takes and dick jokes as weapons, with nary a
negotiated ego in sight. There’s a deceptive crudeness to the art of the
31-year-old Rhode Island native, currently living in Crown Heights,
Brooklyn, though it’s a crudeness comes with a great deal of grotesque
comedic power packed in.”
-Sean T. Collins, The Comic Journal

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