We’ve picked up a bunch of new distro books in the last couple weeks and put them in the store!  First up, we’ve restocked Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf #0-2 and added Wuvable Oaf #3 and #4.

The Portland comics performance group Gridlords released an anthology this spring called I’m Not Afraid To Love.  It includes work from Julia Gfrörer, Eroyn Franklin, Theo Ellsworth, Daria Tessler and many others!

We got the new issue of Eschew from Robert Sergel.  Sergel’s precise style provides a great counterpoint to the everyday weirdness of the stories he tells.

Also fresh off the presses:  Tom Lechner has done another issue of his quiet series of graphic dream journal, Nightlife 12:03.

And finally, Asher Craw’s Zebadiah, Part 2.  I have trouble describing how great this series is!  This book shifts focus from Zebadiah and Eula-Lee to an autobiographical story of a young person growing up in small-town Midwest and their struggles with gender, suicide and love.  Absolutely stunning!

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