An further installment in the series of clearing out thee interesting tabs from thee browser before thee coming several weeks of much excitements and announcements of profound import.

Missed it Dept.: Bryan Young at Huffington Post has an exclusive eight-page preview of Mat Johnson and Simon Gane’s Dark Rain graphic novel about New Orleans during Katrina published by Vertigo. Dark Rain was released on August 24, 2010 (the preview is from the 22nd) Here is a choice paragraph from his review:

The book doesn’t just tackle the heist story, though, it captures a taste of the horror and confusion of the days after the hurricane and the immense sense of depression and loss that must have been present in the Superdome while residents waited far too long for aid. In fact, there were more than a couple of moments in the book set in the Superdome that almost brought tears to my eyes.

Jimmy Page has a website… well, he has a hint that a website is coming. You can sign up for updates. We expect great things.

The latest installment of Kate Beaton’s “Hark, A Vagrant”, which has a Nancy Drew theme, is a corker!

NSFW Department. This cover of an Asian RCA Victor LP that prominently displays a woman’s right nipple is one of the best record covers ever. On LP Cover Lover.

Music and art powerhouse Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt, Ninja) has started a web comic on PictureBox’s site called Puke Force.

I’m looking forward to seeing Stanley Donwood’s exhibit of new paintings – over normal – at Fifty24SF Gallery when I get back to the Bay Area next week. They are very much in the style of the art he created for Radiohead’s Hail To The Thief and its singles.

The much loved Betty Davis talks about her life with Miles and inspiring Bitches Brew‘s creation in today’s Guardian on the event of a deluxe re-issue of that classic record, that, for better and worse, gave us fusion.

And, last, we have this interview with Upstate’s Favorite James Howard Kunstler about his new novel The Witch of Hebron, which is to be released on Tuesday, September 7th.