KFJC Presents Silver Blood Transmissions: The Music of Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot

Neurosisis Live June 1, 1996 - Toulouse, France Photo from David P. under a Creative Commons License.

On our local low-end of the dial FM radio sex machine KFJC 89.7 I totally by act of random chance heard a demo version of the song “Souls at Zero” by Neurosis today that was all crisply mastered and such and blew my freaking mind. Happily the DJ then related that this unknown gem was on the brand damn new Souls At Zero Deluxe CD Reissue Monster Out Now from Neurot Recordings. There is also a demo version of “Zero” and a live track. Like a lot of people I was at the right age and place in life in the early 90s where this album, and their previous records Pain of Mind and the Word As Law, were the total soundtrack to my life and, more so, my work. Apparently The Word As Law CD is out of print and rare now?! I’m hoping for the super extra deluxe re-issue of that next. Sorry, I usually try not to gush… Even back then when I’d see them around or hang out in a group of people at, say, a Slayer show in Oakland with drummer Jason Roeder, I could barely squeak out a “Hi”. Such is the power of Neurosis.

And then… The best news yet is that KFJC will be broadcasting “Silver Blood Transmissions: The Music of Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot” on this coming Monday March 28 at 10:00 PM Pacific Time. You have no choice but to tune in! Neurosis formed in the 80s as a hardcore punk band in Oakland, CA. In the 90s, the band began their journey into uncharted metal territory. The members of the band also perform and record experimental sounds as the group Tribes of Neurot. They release recordings on their own label Neurot Recordings, which is also home to many other fine artists including Steve Von Till, Grails, Current 93, KK Null, Guapo and Christ on Parade. The radio broadcast is hosted by Apollo Hades.

UPDATE: The program is Now Available to Download