John Holmstom is putting together his first solo art exhibition since 1981! “All The Stuff I Did With The Ramones” is on exhibit at The Great Frog/72 Orchard Gallery from September 5th to October 17th. The focus is on all the work he did with the Ramones over the years (as you might guess from the title). It’s a relatively small space, but the gallery owners/curators (Chris Thompson and Michael Sharp) are huge fans of ’70s punk and very creative, so this show promises to be a visual treat. There will be some framed artwork, a slideshow or two, videos, and a “Room Full of Punk!” More info on John’s blog.

Opening: Thursday, September 5
Closing: Thursday, October 17

The Great Frog
72 Orchard Gallery
New York, NY 10002

I last touched base with John in 2013 when he, me and David Godlis put together a tribute to the the recently deceased Ramones designer Arturo Vega for Maximum RockNRoll.