Jason Martin in Montague Phantom Brain Exchange 7/30

Montague Phantom Brain Exchange #7
Wednesday, July 30th, 9pm (sharp!) Five Bucks
at the Rendezvous
78 3rd St
Turners Falls, MA 01376

Extreme Animals
Jason Martin
Fortress of Amplitude

DJ Jazzy Jexx
lecture by Dr. Veronica Lopez on Microbiology

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This month’s Phantom Brain Exchange is a very special pre – Wickermania Festival show.   The weekend following our event will be stuffed silly with shows, parties, & picnics under the name Wickermania!  Planned by a loose conglomerate of adventurous western mass promoters/afficianadoes of weirdo culture such as Autonomous Battleship Collective (orange!), Shineola (goshen!), Mystery Train (amherst!),  Ecstatic Yod (florence!), and more.  Consider that a heads up, now let’s examine this evening’s details before we talk anymore of this Wickerdoodle.  

Argumentix is the ongoing solo project of Mr. James Squeaky, Portland, Oregon’s preeminent connoisseur of provocative culture and cuddly felines.  He’s shrieked for the spastic hardcore band Alarmist!, puked forth a million oddball recordings and side projects, and also edited the fine fanzine and webzine Below PDX.  In Argumentix, he swoons with faggy goth swagger fumbling over tape & feedback loops leaving behind a rag-carpet of sound for us to marvel at.  

Extreme Animals are the official Paperrad thump factory.  For years, Jacod & David have been pushing the midi envelope filter with their neon brand blacklight strobe budget rave blasts all over sweaty house parties, decrepit art lofts, and fancy danceclubs all over the world.  Just prep yourself for booty-collapse, as the jams will be too infectious for your ass to handle.  i’ve seen it happen.  

Jason Martin might be more widely known for his work with Evolution Revolution (a furries rock band) or maybe even is rippin’ bass playinng in the infamous BunnyBrains, but i always like to remind people of his solo work and stuff he did throughout the 90’s with Schenectady’s expansive cable-access tele-audio-visual collective Brown Cuts Neighbors. For this evening’s Phantom Brain Exchange, he’s getting back to basics with his reel to reel & multiple instruments, plopping out beefheart-esque rumpled popsongs.  A release on Yeay! tapes is in the works.  

…from what i know, BudweiserSprite is a foul westcoast drink poured out on a four track.  A one-man beer-soda can who eats tapes for breakfast.  

Fortress of Amplitude music, an ancient druidic guitar sorcery from suburban depths, has been popping up at satanic rituals & LARP events throughout Texas.

Mudboy & Bug Sized Mind Collaboration!  Two Providence heavyweights will battle via retooled mechanical organs and synthesizers hogtied with patch cables and effects pedals.  Flowers bloom.  

Radical Paperrad deejay DJ Jazzy Jexx will be setting the ambiance with crooked bumpin farts and the freshest in future bass.  She scratches CDRs with brute force.  

Our favorite local Neuroendocrinolgist & Flywheel member, Dr. Veronica Lopez, will be presenting a brief lecture reintroducing us to Mircobiology and making sure we won’t fail next month’s popquiz.  

This will be a dense evening of rapid-fire performances. Get there early, stay late.  


Montague Phantom Brain Exchange is a place where bodied & disembodied brains
& nonbrains can safely gather to deconstruct solutions & create problems
while soaking in an envigorating bath of provocative entertainments. Last
wednesday of every month, 9pm to midnight, at the Rendezvous (bar with
food!) 78 3rd St Turners Falls, MA. A typical evening will include 2 – 3
performing acts, a 15 minute lecture and a DJ.