Fluke Fanzine #8

In case you missed Fluke on tour recently with Andrew Jackson Jihad, you can pick up the latest issue from me at Anno Domini’s Art of Zines show in San Jose this Friday.
Published in Tucson, Arizona, 2010. 68 pages, half size, offset print, $2.00 by hand, $4.00 by mail. interviews with Christ on Parade, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Paige Hearn and Alan Short. Writings by Shane Halvorson, Tre Baker and Mark “Sledge” Howe. Artwork by Nate Powell. Photo credits: Siobhan King, Monycka Snowbird, Paige Hearn, Shane Halvorson, Lindsey Gaither, Meredith Bennett and Julie Halvorson. Stencil by stencilpunks.org. It’s been way too long since someone put out a quality punk zine like this one. Get yours from the source if you won’t be seeing me Friday: Send $4.00 to: FLUKE FANZINE, PO BOX 41931, TUCSON, AZ 85717-1931