Congratulations to Jack Tu, Jackie Chan’s disciple

I’ve known Jack Tu for a few years now and have watched in awe as he tore up the U.S. martial arts competition circuit and then went to China to even greater success. Recently he was named Jackie Chan’s first ever disciple. A few days ago he made an appearance in America to commemorate this achievement and thank those who helped him on the way. I was sad to miss it… being stuck on planes and in airport terminals all day. It would have been nice to see Jack again before he flew back to China to start shooting movies. I’ve been fortunate to capture several of his performances and competitions. The shot above is from last year’s Disney’s Martial Arts Festival. Jack is incredibly talented as a martial artist and musician. They’ll have to start shooting kung fu movies in hi-speed. He is so quick it is hard to believe (and hard to get a good shot of) Like Bruce Lee before him he will probably have to learn how to slow down for the cameras. One thing I noticed early on about Jack is that he was the first person I’ve seen that really did have that ‘Bruce’ quality. It will be worth the wait.

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