Call For Entries – Ink on Pixels at Wow Cool


This is an open call for entries for an ongoing public exhibition of a curated group showing of video art to run from January 11, 2014 until a date as yet to be determined. The videos will play at a dedicated opening screening in January and will then run in a continuous loop at the Wow Cool | Alternative Comics Bookstore & Newsstand in Cupertino, California during normal business hours.

Any modern digital video format that is playable in our system will be accepted. The program will run on a Raspberry Pi Model B running OpenELEC connected to either a Commodore 64 1702 monitor or a modern HD flat screen display or both. Preferred minimum resolution is 640 x 480 pixels. Preferred Maximum resolution is 720p HD – 1280×720 pixels. We are looking primarily for video work created by artists with a static 2-D background – cartoonists, painters, illustrators. Content can range from the very abstract and experimental to humorous short cartoons and music videos. Examples of the sort of work sought includes: Lightning Bolt/Paper Rad’s ‘13 Monsters‘, Dash Shaw’s ‘BodyWorld‘, and Michael DeForge’s ‘Test Frames‘. But, please do not let this short list limit you. Final selection is at the sole discretion of the curator, Marc Arsenault.

The work can be of any age or length. There is no submission fee or form. We respectfully request that the content be reasonably “safe for work”. Please send a link to a downloadable version of the work via our contact form or send a CD or DVD of the file to: Wow Cool, 21607B, Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014. Please include your full contact info and how you would like the work to be titled and attributed with your submission.

There will be no further manifestation of this program in other venues or mediums apart from this site-specific exhibition.