AVOID pi & Infinity ‘Babel Code’ at Mighty Tanaka Gallery

Old Wow Cool friend Ion (aka Infinity) and AVOID launch the Babel Code show this Friday, May 21 from 6 to 9 pm at Mighty Tanaka Studio in D.U.M.B.O. The show runs through Jun 11th, 2010.

More about the show on Brooklyn Street Art

Thought provoking Street Artists AVOID pi & infinity team up for their first duo show together entitled Babel Code. Peering through a semiotic Petri dish intermixed with sub-conscious communication, Babel Code uses primitive and mystical sources as well as runic references, which charges the works of art with a power and energy beyond the objects themselves.

Babel Code challenges the viewer to reconsider the basic notions of communication and cultural change, while providing a closer look into the artist’s own techniques of non-verbal interactions. Building upon a symbolic language shared by both artists, their influences range from a resonance of mixed signals and errant transmissions.

Their symbolism ranges from introverted Platonic deliberation and chemical structures to numerology and DNA; anything and everything from hobo marks and astronomy to grammar diagrams and physics equations.

All art shows should have their own music video: