A Million Links Per Second

Things have been a degree of busy around the Wow Cool | Alternative Comics shop and studios that would be hard to sum up. In the meanwhile, my collection of tabbed web pages of most awesome are overwhelming my browser space. By sharing them I can be free. Thank you to the various folks that have shared these. This is the “things by comic artists you probably didn’t know exists” edition of the linkdown.

Vice Magazine interviews Gary Panter. This is about 10 months old, but I completely missed it. Gary’s band Devin, Gary & Ross recently released the Honeycomb of Chakras record, which seems to be fast selling out everywhere. Ross was in Jason Martin’s post-Brown Cuts Neighbors band Evolution Revolution. Also available from Other Music.

Comic book legend Gerald Jablonski has new(er) issues of his Cryptic Wit series available to purchase online.

Krass and Bernie

The legendary George Trosley, long time contributor to CarToons Magazine, is alive and well and is making his work, including the complete Krass and Bernie comics and How to Draw Cartoon Cars available in print and digital form at his site.

I’ve had a couple people send me to the great United Dead Artists site – home of Stéphane Blanquet and friends – lately… usually with very cryptic messages. You should check them out.

Much more… less comics, still interesting, linkdown coming soon.