The real news story about Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California that most of the media have missed is that they make unique yummy pastries and are a big supporter of local arts. Watch the above video to get the idea (Soundtrack by nickname: Rebel, of course!). A s’mores donut!? One with cracked malted milk balls on it?!!! This is the best news dessert has ever had in the South Bay! So, yeah, the story that gets told… Basically, some well intentioned idiots took the wrong page from the ADL and civil rights handbooks and decided that this massive boon to the community was somehow harmful to them. It’s straight out of Fahrenheit 451 and the sort of idiocy that makes you reach for your checkbook and lookup the address for the ACLU. It’s an old ploy that is insulting to those who have truly been victimized in the past and trades on their suffering for what purpose no one can be sure. These future book burners have even hijacked the domain name to further their self serving idiocy that shows no signs of having anything to do with actually serving any of the real interests of actual persons with mental problems. So, for those unlucky enough, or unable, or unwilling to make the trip to Campbell, I share this tour of my new favorite donut shop. (No offense Rose’s… I’ll be honest I go to you guys for the awesome breakfast and sandwiches!!!)

Get your Psycho on!
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