2019 Year In Review

It has certainly been a tumultuous year here at Wow Cool. Not least of all because the physical “here” has changed. Sadly the Wow Cool Alternative Comics physical shop in Cupertino, California closed its doors after six great years. We also left the offices that we had been in for nine. Two tenants have been in the space since May, so either we were lucky to get out or they would have been happier if we stayed. No news on when or if we shall open a new shop. Wow Cool still sells the finest comics, zines music and more right here. January, 2020 marks our thirty-second year (what!?). We will also be at some Comic Fests in 2020. Stay tuned for news on that. After eight months we are unbelievably not yet done unpacking. It will now likely take another four, but things are running. Thanks for all your support.

In the meanwhile we have been very active on the releasing end. Alternative Comics released two new print books and a comic in 2019, Wow Cool Music relaunched; and, we finally created a proper and very much brand new Wow Cool YouTube channel. Much more will be happening on the latter this year. We have vast archives of video to get up there — not just music, but comic book and many other related things too.

Here’s the run-down on Wow Cool’s 2020 releases:

Alternative Comics Publications

Life of Vice

Wow Cool Music

Wow Cool released over 20 LPs, EPs, Singles, Demos and Mixtapes onto our Bandcamp Page, which currently has 28 total. We also have 15 new releases that are available on most popular streaming and download services, including Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Play Music, Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud,  and many others. The most recent have been a mixtape and the first two in a series of live releases by nickname: Rebel; and, the very first Brown Cuts Neighbors cassette from 1989 — Beltsander Girls. They are available as pay-what-you-want downloads or for streaming. The Brown Cuts Neighbors re-release series will continue in 2020 and new material from Steven Cerio and nickname: Rebel is expected this spring. nickname: Rebel also released some merchandise to mark their return to live performance this past fall, as you can see above.

Wow Cool on YouTube