Our Kickstarter is funded, but there is still time to help us meet our stretch goal!  Our stretch goal will get the third of the Sparkplug
Minis Series printed.  The Sparkplug Minis Series is a series of short
run (500 copies) mini comics by new and/or under-appreciated artists. 
The next artist in our line up for this series is Bird Girl and Fox Girl by Yumi Sakugawa
We are asking for $2000 over our initial funding goal – that’s $8450 to publish this book and pay our videographer and t-shirt designer.  Any amount we raise now will go to these things, but it would be AMAZING if we could hit that $8450 goal.  So please share/reblog/tweet and/or consider pledging.  We can’t do it without your support.
And please enjoy these preview images from Bird Girl and Fox Girl!