The Musical Legacy of James Kopta

I lost my great friend and long-time collaborator in Brown Cuts Neighbors and other art, music and writing projects — James Kopta — 19 years ago today. He was only 30. Not a day goes by where I do not miss sitting in a Schenectady restaurant somewhere in the vicinity of the old Stockade, plates of giant sandwiches and cups of coffee or beer in front of us, passing a notepad back and forth to see who could top the other on a new set of lyrics, a TV script or an art installation proposal. 

Following is a collection of works available online by Jim. More are added every year. His work continues to enlighten and entertain. The archives of what is not easily available out there ARE HUGE!

Photo by Steven Cerio. Me and Jim. late-90s. Cold Spring, New York.

This is the start of a larger project to create a more thorough guidebook. It will build on what has been collected before here: Wow Cool James Kopta Tribute Pages from 2002


Discogs | BandToBand

Solo Music as “Frank Budgen”

Brown Cuts Neighbors


Exploding Corpse Action

Exploding Corpse Action Demo Tape


Hail Mary

Hail Mary Demo Tape

James Kopta on Wow Cool