Distant Bee Travel Audio CD

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by Steven Cerio

Steven Cerio is joined by members of Lettuce Little, Brown Cuts Neighbors and more on this sprawling compilation of late 90s/early 00s sessions and live performances, cut up and reconnected into an hour of delight.

Also available in a deluxe edition with screen printed book of Cerio art.

“These are repetitive rhythmic sounds and percussion, spoken word, telephone snippets, blurting free jazz horns, etc., in jarring, jostled juxtapositions; they make Zappa’s Mothers sound like Tom Jones”. — Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover 86

Wow Cool

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Created from source material recorded to 4-track, 8-track, 16-track, Walkman, boom box and answering machine. All tracks were recorded live, then manipulated and cross-pollinated. No other samples were used. All mixes, secondary composition and cross-pollination by Steven Cerio

Steven Cerio: drums, lyrics, marimba, saw blades, gamelan, piano, wood flute, tapes, accordion
Roger Kummert: basses, synth, trombone, guitar
Bryan Kieser: tenor, alto and soprano sax, cornet, pvc tube, transmission fluid funnel, duck call
Karen Langlie: cello
Jason Martin, Dara, Rob Coye, Jim Kopta, Jeff Mack, J.P. Crangle, Jim Drago & Marc Arsenault: tape glossolalia, etc. etc.
Lore Barges & Kathleen Phelps: voice

18 tracks, 59 minutes

Audio CD in color cardboard sleeve with liner notes insert
Wow Cool, 2022

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