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Brown Cuts Neighbors Video News and TV Episode Guide

BCN Video News (Updated July 1, 2006)
  • OK. We are now actively working on the DVD collection of the best of the BCN shorts... look for that later in 2006 or in 2007. There will also be some other sort of smaller edition DVD available at around the same time with some other bunch of totally different material.

  • The excellent people at Squeeky Wheel in Buffalo, New York have our shorts "My Favorite Song" and the 'short-n-sweet' version of the Six Million Dollar Valentine's Day Massacre called "Sleigh Bells over Schenectady" in their media library, which as far as we're concerned, is cooler than being in the permanent collection at MOMA anyday.

  • The BCN shorts "The Love-a-Thon" and "Ronnie, Pinkie, Pepperpot" in episode #80 - "Role Credits" of Offline - syndicated nationwide. Check your local public access listing for showtimes.

  • Currently the short "My Favorite Show" is on Medicine Films (It's here too), they also seem to have some videos from our funk soul brothers Unrest up there somewhere. More stuff will be posted as we get digitized versions of the material that we are happy with. Stay tuned for more news of that sort.

  • Rent Brown Cuts Neighbors TV!
    These stores (below) have the self-titled "Brown Cuts Neighbors" Video, A.K.A. "Outer Space and Other Adventures". 90 minutes. Rent It!

    Suspect Video
    619 Queen West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    (416) 504-7135

    Astro Zombies
    3108 Central Ave., SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
    (505) 232-7800
    It's in the music section!
number title original air date
Series One  
Three untitled, 60-minute episodes. Filmed on a hi-8 camcorder and PXL vision 2000 camera. Montage of images and music, done mostly in the basement and on the lawn. Themes included cartoon characters, outdated electronic equipment, and the usual decayed multi-generational video. Aired on Schenectady Public Access and played on monitors during café gigs. 11/89 – 7/90
Series Two  
1–5 "The Brown Cuts Neighbors Television Ministry"
5 episodes with a live audience. Filmed live in Channel 16’s studios. Heavy on the tv preacher act and assorted blasphemy. Lots of shouting, percussion, worshipping of comic books, etc. We don’t know what it meant but it seemed to hit a nerve.
9/90 – 12/90
Improved experiments with video cut-ups and found footage, due to access to real SVHS editing equipment, instead of the pause button on our home VCRs. Interspersed with live performance footage, public mischief, and skits:
1/91 – 9/91
6 The Hate Ocean Divorce Court Happy Hour  
7 Flowers and Trees  
8 Who Said Wow?  
Series Three  
Completely lost track of how many exist in this series. Maybe 8? 10? 15? Who knows. BCN made a bunch of "evolving" episodes. Each new episode consisted of new material with excerpts from past episodes getting copied, cut up, and layered. An edit from this series was released in July 1994 ("Welcome to BCNTV") and continued to evolve until it was reduced to 13 minutes by late ’96 (and had completely decayed by this point). When BCNTV went back on the air in 1998, a final 30-minute version of these episodes was created, using whatever past edits we could still find.
1992-96, 98
Series Four – "Television"  
BCN goes back on the air with many new episodes. A number of new characters and themes were introduced: Dr. Frank Beam, Commander Viewback, Fat Ivory Monkey, Gubble Science, the Dancing Squares, dogs, contact with Sirius, advertisements, etc.
11/98 – 5/00
1 Introduction to Gubble Theory Part One  
2 Outer Space Epic  
3 Sleigh Bells Over Schenectady  
4 The Destruction of the Human Face: An Interview with Dr. Frank Beam  
5 Squares  
6 Tyson and Margarine Bear  
7 Duet With Wolf  
8 Interview with Monica (aka: "I love you big dummy")  
9 Introduction to Gubble Theory Part Two  
10 Rhinos Over Bosnia  
11 Heat Sensitive Theater with Frank Beam  
12 Welcome To Our Show  
13 Welcome To The Rally/TV Coloring Book  
14 Starlight Lounge  
15 Dr. Mt. Age  
16 Frank Beam: Art Brut  
17 The Love-A-Thon  
18 Monkey Ronnie  
19 Short Party  
20 More Exciting Adventures  
21 Dog and Bubbles  
22 Super Gubble One (w/Shawn Panella)  
Series Five – "BCN Presents" (live music)   
This series consists of live performances by bands we want on TV.
1 Burn Unit Live at the Knitting Factory  
2 L.I.V. Tyler in the Universe  
3 The Haters, etc. (presented w/ NoiseSquatch Records)  
4 Brown Cuts Neighbors – "Real Video"  
5 Raphe Malik & Michael Lopez/Burn Unit/Iron Skull  
6 Matto & the Phlegmchuckers/Doc Hopper  
7 Faking Trains/Krebstar  
8 Brent Gorton (of Stars of Rock) & Joe Putrock  
9 BCN live at Lark Fest 2000  
10 Faking Trains (2) Live at Café Web  
11 Lincoln Money Shot
12 Bromp Treb
13 Davey G
14 Son of Earth Flesh On Bone Trio  

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