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Brown Cuts Neighbors Discography

All material below produced by Jason Martin (except as noted) and mostly recorded in Schenectady, NY. There are a series of tapes recorded from 1980-1989. Those tapes were made in editions of one. Then there's novelty releases of tape loops and microcassettes. Alot of that stuff isn't around anymore. Below is material released in editions of 50 or more. NOTE: Clicking on linked covers will take you to the Shop page for those items that are still available.


Beltsander Girls - cassette
Jim Kopta (age 17), Jason Martin (age16), a new four track, parents basements.

Plasm Spoon - cass.
Experimental Garage Rock. Songs inspired by cartoons and science class: "Waiting For Mitosis", "Hokey Wolf", "Running Naked On Peyote". PERSONNEL: JIM, JASON, ROB GOODALE, DONATO BROCKMAN, DOUG WILLIAMS


Two Heads Are Better Than Yours - Wow Cool cass.
60 minute "cassingle" featuring thirty minute improv versions of the songs "Truckhead" and "Nighthead" with shifting instrumentation. Guitars, toy pianos, reel to reels, bass, drums, boom box, percussion. PERSONNEL: same as "Plasm Spoon" plus MARC ARSENAULT

Squid Old Marking - Wow Cool cass.
Beefheart-esque rock, stream of consciousness folk, and ambient noise interludes in a 60 minute program. A few versions of this were released - including one with a sample of BCN performing at the High School auditorium and being removed from the stage by staff. Quite fun. PERSONNEL: same as above with NAN CHO and PETE COONLEY on a couple tracks.

Delta - Wow Cool cass.
Recorded in two sessions, 5/90. A 30 minute program of improvised, dissonant, garage rock songs. Vocals, drums, found percussion, altered guitars, and a microcasette player. PERSONNEL: JIM, JASON, ROB, DONATO, DOUG, MARC

Broken Down Like A Bean - 7" EP Wow Cool Records
9 songs and 12-page booklet. Avant-punk with tape collage and found percussion. "I know its probably only performance art but I like it" went the review in Your Flesh. Recorded in two days at Hyland Studios in Albany NY, 7/18 & 7/20/90. PERSONNEL: JIM, JASON, MARC, DOUG, w/OTTO on backing vocals and sounds. Buy it now!


BCNTV Vol. 1 - video
First compilation of Public Access TV episodes originally aired 1989-1991 on Schenectady Cablevision Channel 16. Produced with the extended BCN supporting cast: COLLEEN MARTIN, CHRIS & BEN COCCIO, JACK JASTREBSKI, PAUL MIRER, PAUL BOYER, DAVE KEEN, NATE BENNET, ERIC STENBERG, and others whose names were not listed on original videos.


Our TV - video
Another compilation of Public Access programs, including the previously mentioned supporting cast.


Sounds of Suburban Dance - cassette compilation
Brown Cuts Neighbors provided the otherwised unreleased tracks "Modern Forks Language", "Sinister Sam", and "Star Chunks (Instrumental)" to this comp. that came with Marc Arsenault's "Andy's Chair 2" zine.


Sound Effect Renditions of Wallpaper Designs - cass.
A mix of material from an LP that never came out, recorded 1991-94. Includes Warren Defever of His Name Is Alive on improv guitar and percussion in a couple of spots. Heavy on the tape manipulations. PERSONNEL: JIM, JASON, DARA, KEVIN O'SULLIVAN, DOUG, MIKE ROSE, WARREN DEFEVER, CHRIS COCCIO, ADAM O'TOOLE, and others.

Welcome to BCNTV - video
Compilation of Public Access programs including heavily re-edited footage from earlier compilations. Also has street theater and live footage. Fast-paced cut-up collage.


Squeeze Out Another Twinkle - 7" EP Nose Hair Records
6 song EP. Songs have a Devo / Residents feel with spoken word, cut-ups, tape loops. Instruments: vocals, guitar, bass, sax, drums, reel-to-reels PERSONNEL JIM, JASON, DARA, MIKE ROSE, MIKE LOPEZ, BRYAN KIESER, TYSON HAUF. Buy it now!

Greatest Monkey Band - Time Stereo
Lots of edits. No titles listed. Cool Time Stereo packaging. PERSONNEL: JIM, JASON, DARA, MIKE ROSE, MIKE LOPEZ, BRYAN

Cooper Time compilation - Time Stereo
BCN has the opening track on this honest-to-god Alice Cooper tribute compilation. Features Ian of the Pale Saints, The Little Princess, His Name Is Alive, Princess Dragon Mom, and many more. A mix of artists performing covers of Alice Cooper songs. Also an interview with Alice Cooper himself by Mog, an active performance artist/musician in the Detroit area.


Speckled Pea of the Nets Machine - Dept. of Experimental Services cass.
First tape to be distributed under the "DeptEx." label. Mostly from one exhausting day-long session in the living room, 10/21/96. PERSONNEL: JIM, JASON, BRYAN, ROGER KOZLOW. Buy it now!

Eerie Bazaar - Eerie Materials CD Compilation
BCN has the opening cut on this one as well with "Embryonic Choo Choo". A variety of four track music and samples from artists around the country.


In Case of Emergency Contact the Horses - DeptEx cass.
Synthesizers, acoustic guitars, noise, rock. PERSONNEL: same as "Speckled Pea." Buy it now!

More BCN TV - DeptEx video
Starts with a video for the song "X Simple X" followed by a collage of live footage and then a 40-minute compilation of early BCNTV.


Angels Of Life In A Psychic Wasteland Eerie Materials CD Compilation
BCN track: "Want Bibs". A different mix of this song can also be found on a Jason Martin solo release from 1997: "8 Personal Adventures" Officially a BCN song but performed by Jason solo on guitar, vocals, clarinets. Also features tracks from Eugene Chadbourne and Amps for Christ.


Outer Space and Other Adventures - DeptEx video
Three favorite episodes from the twelve produced and aired on Channel16 (Schenectady Public Access) between 10/98 and 3/99. An outer space epic, electronic squares that learn to dance, a documentary on artist/criminal/visionary Dr. Frank Beam, and many other creations. Buy it now!

Video Games of the Twelfth Century compilation CD on Burping Turds Music
BCN track: "Starry Cellophane". Comp also features Rancid Hell Spawn, Sockeye, Trumans Water, MSBR and many others. Buy it now!


The Necessary Effect - Screamers Songs Interpreted - double CD compilation on Xeroid/Extravertigo
Ode to the L.A. based synthesizer punk-rock pioneers of the late seventies, The Screamers. BCN track: "I'm a Mensch".

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