PKD by Zak Sally from zak sally on Vimeo.

Zak Sally has been many things over the years… an artist, a musician, a publisher at La Mano 21, a printer, the cover model for Peter Bagge’s Hate, a roadie for Wow Cool… OK, that last one is probably not a big deal to very many people… except to me. Zak lugged Wow Cool down to San Jose from Berkeley and back in his van way the heck back in the early-mid 1990s for the very first Alternative Press Expo (APE). I’ve followed his various pursuits since from a distance: playing bass in Low, creating the Recidivist and Sammy The Mouse comics series, playing in The Hand… Now he is doing something that I would not hold much hope for most artists on, but I think Zak is the best man for the job. He is creating a graphic novel about Philip K. Dick. And that brings us back to Berkeley. Right when I first moved there in late 1993 I was reading the new edition of Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick by Lawrence Sutin. Much of Dick’s life was lived in Berkeley and it was a key into the deeper history of that city for me. I don’t remember what we all talked about on that trip up and down the bay, but it’s a safe bet that PK Dick featured prominently.

So, Zak needs your help to keep his modest studio rent covered so he can focus on and finish this book instead of having to muck about with freelance gigs. Go throw him a few bucks on Patreon. There are some very attractive higher tier rewards as well for you serious art patrons.

You can also help Zak out by buying his books from Wow Cool or La Mano 21.