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From Here to There and Back Again: 100 Years of Rock Art Influences

Sal Canzonieri has released the first volume in his A Fistful of Rock & Roll Art Books series – From Here to There and Back Again: 100 Years of Rock Art Influences – and I strongly urge you to pick it up. A quick look at the Amazon “Click to Look Inside” preview will quickly convince you that this one is a ‘must-have’. This impressive tome has been in progress for some time and was slated to be released by a certain established publisher, perhaps best known for its comics based on popular licensed properties. After too many years of nothing going on with that, Sal has released this book on his own. Sal is very close to our musical, artistic and martial arts family here at Wow Cool and we highly recommend this book. Steven Cerio provided the wrap-around cover art (an unpublished poster for the Residents) and an introduction.

244 pages of amazing full color Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Punk Rock record cover and concert poster art by all the very best artists! This is the coolest looking art book you have ever seen! Featuring such great posters and record covers by Johnny Ace, Coop, Kozik, Art Chantry, Alan Forbes, Steven Cerio, Jack Kirby, Jack Davis, and hundreds more! Wraparound cover art by Steven Cerio!
First section is a very informative and insightful history of illustrative art that influenced today’s poster and record cover artists, explaining how the early poster artists and illustrators from the 1890s to 1990s influenced today’s gig poster artists. Shows how styles changed over time and developed into today’s styles.

The remaining section has rare and amazing art, of record cover and concert posters from 1940s to 1990s, some never published before and are EXCLUSIVE to this book!

EVERY great illlustrative artist known is in this book! Hundreds of great artists from around the world and from all 20th century time periods. Curated by Sal Canzonieri, of Electric Frankenstein fame.

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