You want to know how I feel today. I feel OK.

You want to know how I feel today. I feel OK.

Holy Moses. It’s the long delayed return of the link round down. All you need to know that is on the interwebs for the last millennium is right here.


I get sick all over on 90s noise rock/post rock what the hell you want to call it. One of my top half dozen in that crew was Unwound. I found out the other day via the venerable FB group Now Playing that Unwound has been re-releasing all… ALL of their recordings in slick box-sets via the mysterious Numero Group. Big, fat, three-vinyl box sets with multi-page liner note extravaganzas. The first two (of four) are out: Kid Is Gone – covering the demo and pre-Fake Train years, and Rat Conspiracy containing Fake Train, New Plastic Ideas and more. Volume Three – No Energy – has been teased on thee Pitchfork. Curiously, their unreleased track is titled “Seen Not Heard”… it reminds us of something…

The brilliant British documentary maker Adam Curtis has posted his latest epic-length blog post – “Now Then – The hidden systems that have frozen time and keep us from changing the world”. It is well worth your time to read and view the whole thing.

It would be very difficult to point out a single – or even a group of posts – as the most interesting, but Peter Kirn has been laying down fascinating digital music info daily at a much accelerated rate for the last couple months on Create Digital Music. Drool-worthy gear, free plug ins and hot audio pro-tips are flowing like water lately at his definitive site.

I really enjoyed this too-short interview with Jah Wobble at Huff Post.

Wow Cool co-founder and SAW director Tom Hart recommends this 10 minute class in film by Robert Rodriguez

Benjamin Marra recommends this DIY guide to making hardcover collections of your old comics.

Must-read interviews: Françoise Mouly at The Rumpus and Andrew Neal of Chapel Hill Comics at The Comics Journal.

Everyone has World War (one) fever because of the centenary of the start of that bloody episode. Thee BoingBoing has the Simon Gane illustrated The Next War: a comic for the centenary of World War One for your viewing pleasure. I have a bound volume of the UK’s Punch Magazine that stretches from just before the war until a bit into it… and those last bunch of pages are some of the grimmest material you’ve ever seen in a humor magazine.