Wow Cool Round-Up: New Books and Comics — August 3, 2018

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This week’s headlines: 

This week’s highlights:

  • Assassinistas by Tini Howard and Gilbert Hernandez — The first collected volume of the explosive comic about female assassins
  • Blammo #10 by Noah Van Sciver — the latest issue of NVS’s acclaimed anthology is back in print! Each issue is made up of 4-6 short stories, some historical, some autobiographical some fiction, and some plain weirdness.
  • Captain America #2 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Francis Yu — WINTER IN AMERICA, the exciting, new direction for Steve Rogers continues!
  • Infinity Wars #1 by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato — The identity of Requiem is revealed in the first issue of Marvel’s new cosmic event.
  • The Seeds #1 by Ann Nocenti and David Aja — An eco-fiction tech-thriller where flora and fauna have begun to mutate, The Seeds is also a story of love beyond race and gender, and of the resilience of both human and animal kind.
  • We have added more of the in-print Sparkplug Books published and distributed titles in the shop (including some of their minicomics). More on that soon.
  • Trick-or-Treat comic packs are now available for pre-order! Each back of 25 mini-comics is sold for $4.99, and is perfect for giving away at the door on Halloween night instead of sweets and candy.

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