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Do you want to have your comics held for you every time a new issue comes out? Are you looking for a hard to find book that you want us to be on the lookout for? There is no minimum title count required to sign up, nor do we require a deposit. It’s a totally free service. All we ask is that you visit the shop at least once every 30 days to pick up the comics we’ve reserved for you (If you want your books mailed to you, please email or call to make arrangements). And if you subscribe to six or more current titles you will receive 10% off your subscription. Keep in mind that books are announced and most orders are placed for new books two to three months before a book is released. We are able to order recent books, but many titles do go out of print and are not reprinted.

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Keeping a subscription is free! We just require that you pick up your comics in a timely fashion (at least every 4-5 weeks). We will make other arrangements if you need to pick up your comics less frequently.

How many titles do I have to subscribe to?

We have no minimums; subscribe to whatever you like.

Is there a discount?

Wow Cool offers a 10% discount on your subscription when you subscribe to 6 or more current series.

What if there’s a book I didn’t order in my subscription box?

No problem, just let us know and we will correct it. We are human and errors can happen.

What if I need to add or drop a title?

Just tell us and we’ll make it happen

Do you ask for credit card information?

No. The subscription service is pay as you go. If you choose to have your subscription mailed to you, you will be invoiced through PayPal and charged at cost for the shipping.

What do I do when if I want to cancel my subscription(s)?

Just tell us. Call or email.