World admires Banksy doing New Orleans while the city is evacuated on Katrina 3rd anniversary; GOP scrambles to exploit situation at Convention

Much amazing Banksy art is up in New Orleans and gaining worldwide attention, just as a total evacuation of the city has been ordered to escape Huricane Gustav…

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And in the planning for RNC MPLS: “A senior McCain source said Saturday that officials are considering turning the convention into a service event, a massive telethon to raise money for the Red Cross and other agencies to help with the hurricane.” Source:

Unrelated: Meanwhile in MPLS, it’s looking like the 40th anniversary of the DNC’s fondly remembered Chicago convention is gearing up for a commemorative bash by the GOP… or maybe really not. I dunno. No one even says stuff like “another Seattle” anymore… Go read (also on CNN, sorry I don’t read like, real journalism): Police raid headquarters of RNC protesters. The pull-quote for me was right at the end, “There were no bombs or anything in there.” The RNC Welcoming Committee actually describes itself as an ‘anarchist / anti-authoritarian organizing body’, so while I guess that they want to distance themselves from the white-socked malt liqueur swilling anarchists that I would normally associate with in Minneapolis, they seem pretty together. Check their thing out at:

Oh, btw. Offshore drilling is a really stupid idea. I like fish. Do you like fish?