So, yeah, the usual dose of spam today… but there was something different, something a little… I dunno… special. The occasional poetry of spam subject lines was exceptionally strong. I want a new word to describe it… “spamsy” is the best I’ve come up with so far. “Words don’t mean a damn thing” is a pretty exciting subject to see in the inbox. This particular batch has been a bit more obscure that usual, too… with nearly every other letter separated by a plus or minus sign, making the actual content of the message almost impossible to decipher. Anyway, here are some highlights:

The goal is to make the image as bright as possible, without oversaturating it (washing it out, often to bright pink or white)

Boomzilla sucks on the ice in the bottom of his big drink    

I was looking at myself by a second vision 

Enable the Open menu item and gray out the Save As menu item  

The track table passed in the call determines the sector number, which is passed to the disk controller for the operation

I will remove my call to FreeLibrary too 

Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 

His chest was snowy white and his eyes were moist and brown and wise

You’re just a figment of my imagination

In other news… does anyone else think that “Keep the Car Running” on the new Arcade Fire disk sounds way too much like Eddie and the Cruisers?


ps. Has anyone else found that the post editor in WordPress 2.2.2 is buggy as shit?