Bonus cut: Home is A Rope

Bonus cut: BFF

Once upon a time there were these two amazing noise rock bands called Steel Pole Bathtub and Girls Against Boys. Each of their last records were among their best. Among the best records ever. After they were gone it was like rock and roll was fucking dead to me and it was time to move on. (OK GVSB are touring this year, even, but it’s been 11 years since the last record. Anyways, that’s not the point here.)

Many months ago I had put a ton of time in on creating the world’s most brilliant blog post about where the fuck SPBT had gotten to since they released the demos for their ‘Unlistenable‘ record. Then my daughter spilled water all over my computer. Here we are now an Easter weekend later.

Keeping it as simple as possible… Mike Morasky of Steel Pole went on to do all sorts of big Hollywood special effects work and then landed at Valve, where he had far greater musical success then SPBT ever dreamed of with the soundtrack for Portal 2, which has been in the top 20 soundtracks on Amazon for weeks now, many months after the game was released. This despite the fact that you can download all three disks of his material for free. You may enjoy this interview with Mike on GamesRadar. In the meanwhile, Dale Flattum – whose books with Chuck Sperry we regularly carried at Wow Cool back in the 90’s – released the definitive collection of his graphics with accompanying soundtrack: Tooth – co-published with Zak Sally’s La Mano 21. You can still get those right here.

As for GVSB? They are going to be on tour in Europe in May. Johnny Temple from the band is a main dude at our Brooklyn neighbors Akashic Books. Eli’s web page could probably use an update. Alexis and Scott are in Paramount Styles. Check them out. OK. Carry on. No more news here… noisy, rock or otherwise. Enjoy your weekend.