Have you read William Cardini’s Vortex yet?!  You should, and it’s in our online store now!  Rob Clough (High-Low, TCJ) says: “I’ve enjoyed Cardini’s development as an artist and the refinement
of his heavily Mat Brinkman-influenced style. Cardini works big in this
sci-fi/fantasy battle comic, but more interestingly, he uses a
deliberately artificial-looking style of line. You can see the dots and
pixels on the page, giving the whole thing a cold and digital quality
that is trying to separate the reader from Brinkman’s warm, organic and
oozing imagery. That slight distance and primitiveness of the line
quality (as opposed to the drawings themselves) adds a certain extra
comical layer to a story that involves a wizard quite graphically and
viscerally biting off the arm of a monster. The whole thing has a
light-hearted feel, much like the rest of Cardini’s work, odd as it may
appear on the surface. Working bigger certainly suits him, and I enjoyed
looking at the images as images.”