Virginia’s comics just got a great write up on Hello Amber! A really cool blog with tons of great info. And the write up is equally cool. Virgina is also equally cool and Warehouse on Poplar is one of my favorite comics this year:

The Warehouse On Poplar
This a an illustrated zine by the author of Milkyboots (which I reviewed a couple of entires back). While this is still something of a diary comic zine, it’s much different from her series. For one thing, the illustrations are much more neat and consistent – the style reminds me of Morgenmuffel, though the content is entirely different. It contains some short conversations with friends, but is mostly about an abandoned warehouse where her loved ones would meet for adventures, picnics and probably longer conversations. It’s a very “quiet” comic, in that many of the panels feature people walking, biking, or sitting wordlessly, but it is so fantastically executed that I can actually hear things like the opening of an old door, and the rushing of a waterfall. The whole thing is really quite lovely. And the warehouse kinda reminded me of the Old Mill in my hometown.”

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