Upcoming Small Press Comics Goodness

Here’s a brief roundup of some of the great comic books you can expect to come to these shores (or the Wow Cool shop) in the next few months. This list is by no means comprehensive. No sort of favoritism should be inferred, nor is it implied. This list was assembled in the order that the web browser tabs were assembled.


AdHouse Books will be knocking two absolute must haves over the fence with Boulet‘s first solo American comic – Noirness (April) and Jim Rugg’s Supermag (May).

Miss Lonelyhearts 2

Gabrielle Gamboa will be delivering the second chapter in her adaptation of Nathaniel West’s Miss Lonelyhearts in April. We still have the first issue available.

Patron Saint by Sam Alden

Space Face Books has emerged from being a modest affair to quickly become one of the most interesting of the new wave of micro-publishers. Their new books are starting to come out too quick to keep track of. Out now, and available here very soon are books by Sam Alden, Patrick Kyle and Joe Kessler. On the schedule are Doser Island by Paul Windle and the second installment of If You Got It, You Got it by Rand Renfrow. See a preview of Patrick Kyle’s Foreigners on the Beat.

K. Thor Jensen has successfully run a Kickstarter to fund the publication of his new comics collection Cloud Stories. You can expect that book later this year. In the meanwhile his much acclaimed book Red Eye, Black Eye from Alternative Comics is available right here.

Raw Power

The most awesome Josh Bayer will be releasing a second issue of Raw Power through Retrofit Comics in June. We have a fistful of the first issue still available. Enjoy this five-page preview.

Derek Ballard Cartoonshow

I won’t lie that I am extremely excited to see the second issue of Derek Ballard’s Cartoonshow series – “Your Daughters Will Bear Our Children” from Drippy Bone Books. It will be out extremely soon. Duck! Or it may take your teeth out!

Michael DeForge Very Casual

Koyama Press has announced two new releases from Michael DeForge – The Very Casual collection (May) and Lose #5 (June). They will also be dropping Julie Delporte’s Journal (May) and Everything Takes Forever by Victor Kerlow (May). More info here.

It Will All Hurt

From Study Group we should have Farel Dalrymple‘s It Will All Hurt in stock in a mere few days. Coming soon will be the second issue of Study Group Magazine. There has been some noise about Farel’s follow up to Pop Gun War coming soon from Dark Horse(?). More on that when we have some solid info.

There are probably a hundred more titles that are well worth your time that could be included here (and I wish I knew about) that will be coming out in the next few months.

There are also many more books you should be well excited about that are coming soon from these esteemed publishers: TopShelf | Fantagraphics | Drawn & Quarterly

We also heard a rumor from the other side of the office that Alternative Comics will finally be announcing it’s new titles very soon. Best of luck on that fellas.