Two t-shirt debuts at HeroesCon and more!

Yup, we will have new shirts from Marc Arsenault and Simon Gane at HeroesCon this weekend. But, just to recap, first, there will also be: Ian Lynam’s Parallel Strokes, Marc Arsenault’s new Book “Adventures in Excitement”, new CDs from Offset Needle Radius and nickname: Rebel, lots of books by Simon Gane and Steven Cerio. So come look for the Wow Cool sign and the spaceman in Indie Island, where Marc will be drawing pictures and Joshua Baker will be making music.

OK, T-shirts. Each is available in sizes S, M, L, XL. They are on super high-quality 100% cotton shirts. They will be very reasonably priced. First up, brand new from Vertigo’s Vinyl Underground artist Simon Gane, is this super-stylish 2-sided promotional shirt for his book with Ian Lynam and Kim Fern: Sap.

And, even more confusing is this also stylish number from Marc Arsenault made especially for this event. Let them know you’ll never be retconned again!

And there will be much, much more at the show, free stickers, garage sale specials, costumed surprises, tigers, Brown Cuts Neighbors, The Doris book, a big box of “last copies” going back years… See you there!