Track Attack – New Simon Gane illustrated book

track attack

The latest book in the popular Gym Shorts series by Betty Hicks is illustrated by Mr. Simon Gane. It’s a bit of a departure from what we’re used to, but it’s all classic Simon. Go get Track Attack on Amazon.

Simon has been teasing drawings from the book for the last few weeks on his blog. You can also now follow Simon Gane on Twitter. Any guesses on where on the body that tattoo on his profile pic is located?

Jazz loves being on the track team! And her dad is her biggest fan — maybe too big a fan. He argues with the coach, yells at the ref, and screams his head off at every meet. Jazz loves her dad, but can she keep him from having a full blown track attack? The latest book in the GYM SHORTS series finishes ahead of the pack and will keep early readers cheering.