Tom Hart is creating and teaching comics on Patreon

Hey everyone, I’m on Patreon! Support my 17+ years mentoring new cartoonists! Spells, sketches and secret sauces in the patron-only feed.

I work tirelessly to create an advanced comics pedagogy along with serious mentorship to support comic artists. And all while I create my own kick-ass comics. (Did he just say kick-ass comics?!) I also run a non-profit comics school that wouldn’t make a profit even if it were FOR profit! Those who have worked with, followed me or studied under me for the past 25 years, and even those who have just become aware of my work, know I am tirelessly generous. I love to share… just not on Facebook, so I’ll be doing that for you, here.

Join me, join us, and share in creating work, creating cartoonists, and in creating the unconventional community of SAW, our school, and I will share with you sketches, notes, ideas, struggles, tears, all the humanity, the losses and the gains. Let’s go deep in to the process.

I share, and you too can share in being a tireless supporter of younger artists, new artists, artists in distress, all in the process of learning to become artists.

Your support supports my support!

—Tom Hart, Sequential Artists Workshop

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