The Wow Cool Shop Grows Deep And Wide


Sorry that headline kinda sucks. Wow Cool has recently acquired the stock of legendary retailer Independent Comics and we are getting all those many fine and seldom seen alt comics titles into the shop as fast as we can. We also have picked up the Karl Stevens illustrated Anatomy for Artists by Anthony Apesos. Recently added books you should check out include:

By James Kochalka: Mermaid | Peanutbutter & Jeremy #2 | Peanutbutter & Jeremy #4 | Sketchbook Diaries Volume 3 | Monkey Vs. Robot

By Steven Weissman: Yikes #3 | Yikes #5 | Yikes Vol. 2 #1

By Leela Corman: Queen’s Day | French Lessons

Sweaterweather by Sara Varon

The One Trick Rip Off by Paul Pope

Magic Whistle #2 by Sam Henderson

The Last Lonely Saturday Hardcover by Jordan Crane

Boom Boom #3 by David Lasky

The Acme Novelty Library #1 by Chris Ware – The second and much nicer printing

One Life – Furnished in Early Moorcock by Neil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell

Boswash by Nick Bertozzi

Bipolar #3 by Tomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka & Etgar Keret

True Porn #2 by Robyn Chapman and Kelli Nelson, editors; with comics and art by Rina Ayuyang, Chester Brown, Eleanor Davis, Sam Henderson, David Lasky, Hope Larson, Liz Prince, Jim Rugg, Katie Skelly, Kazimir Strzepek, Rich Tommaso and many others.

Grickle by Graham Annable

And lastly, the comics anthology that was the precursor to Wow Cool back in the 1990s – Monkey Wrench by Ed Brubaker & Josh Petrin, editors. Comics by Lloyd Dangle, Brian Sendelbach, Joe Fullerton, Mack White, Wayno, Richard Sala, David Chelsea, George Parsons, Chuck Sperry, Denis Worden, Bobby Madness, Jason Lutes and others.

Many, many more books will be available soon. Stay tuned to this station.