The Stupid Pages


Ah yes… Over Six Years in the Making! One of the last major projects of Brown Cuts Neighbors. We’d been a band, a TV Show, An Art Movement… and The Stupid Pages was to be a comic book. A very stupid one. The goal of supreme simplicity, economy of line and sublime incisiveness of content was… well, not that easy to just sit down and do, Jason seemed the best at it, and was a model of sorts. He can convey so much in so few lines. Many books were filled with these comic strips. Many of which you will see here. Some were lost. At least one was set on fire… Over the next several months you’ll get to taste the loveliness of the Stupid Pages, as comitted by Jason Martin, Marc Arsenault, James Kopta, and guests Colleen Martin and Steven Cerio (and maybe others).

The name “The Stupid Pages” came from a classmate of mine at Niskayuna High School in Niskayuna, New York. Her name is now forgotten, but we’ll say she was Danielle (heck, she may have been)… I used to do a comic called Grunion in the school paper, and she once commented that it shouldn’t be called the funny pages… after us, it should be said that these were the stupid pages… and so they are!

illustration: Guy with the things comin out his ear to the machinery by Jason Martin, August 1990