The Most Rare Artifact of the 21st Century

Is a porno comic.

perverts of the unknown

Yes, Brandon Graham’s 56 page smut comic from 2003 Perverts of the Unknown is that most rarest and sought after of things. Impossible to find in a reasonable condition for less than One Thousand US Dollars! As the sole reviewer on Amazon attests (in box, below), it is not the most immediately arousing of works for the typical audience for such books, so we can only assume that the reason for this scarcity lies on the tome’s artistic merits.

I bought this book because I enjoy seeing pretty, erotic drawings of nude women, particularly nude women together with other women. The cover of this book shows an attractive naked girl lying down in front of an older man and a dominant-looking older woman. So far, so good. But the inside of this book is overly raunchy and far less erotic. There’s precious little lesbianism, and instead there’s lots of XXX-rated male-to-female stuff that I found far too hard-core and generally uninteresting.

Clearly a man of taste who knows what he wants.

I stumbled upon this curiosity while cruising through Amazon attempting to fill some holes in my collection of the fine works of Brandon Graham. Who knew that his early comics could command fees in league with the earliest and rarest of books by the likes of Cole, Ditko and Eisner?

You really should be picking up Brandon Graham’s King City (every couple months from Image Comics), and, Multiple Warheads (pretty infrequently from Oni Press) and be sure to look at his blog RoyalBoiler every week where he shares his own art, and some stunning cartoon oddities from the near to distant past.

UPDATE: Further digging revealed that three copies of the book have sold for a meager $260.69 on eBay. I could not find any other copies available for purchase online.