The Legend Of Frank Budgen Vol. 1 released

Frank BudgenAfter much speculation and rumor, and finally a long silence… We received today a package containing a 10″ vinyl audio recording of six songs by Frank Budgen. The tracks are: Here We Go Lie Down; Real Pain, Real Blood, Real Broken Bones; Don’t Let Your Left Hand Know; When You’re Always Dying; Ole Rattler/Mirror Man; Bat Terrible – Part II. This is a very classy production.

The Legend Of Frank Budgen Vol. 1

10” vinyl w/ unique archival jacket.
Extremely limited edition of 99.

Collected from recordings found in the apartment of the late Frank Budgen. Rawkus and unsettling fried electric guitar blues. There are anthems on here that have already worked their way deep into the collective mix tape of Troy, NY. Packaged in expertly crafted custom hand-bound harcover archival jackets, ala 1950’s Folkways.

A few of these are still available from
Specific Recordings, 51 3rd Street, Troy, New York 12180, USA,
for $25.00.