As documented earlier, we continue to build with either no real purpose to the buildings themselves or no realistic plan to sustainably maintain these buildings. There is much glorious decay that remains to be explored by the intrepid and the foolish. Infiltration zine has done a great deal to lead the way.

A hot topic recently has been that of the Chinese Ghost Cities. A Sino-Housing Bubble of a scale appropriate to the nation that happens to have the most damn people on earth living under it. Get the satellite view here.

In case you thought we might be the heck super efficient in land use here in the West, I would like to send you to this report on the UK’s Post Office Railway. You will want to read all of it and take in every photo.

In the meanwhile, for something that just quite resembles context for our position here, I request that you read these interviews with Simon Reynolds on Ballardian: “Magisterial, Precise, Unsettling” from 2007 and ‘Magisterial, precise, unsettling part 2’ from 2009.