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We here at Sparkplug have so many people to thank for their kindness and generosity to us in this transitional period.  At this time, we want especially to thank Jason Leivian of Floating World Comics, Jason T. Miles of Profanity Hill, comic artist Jim Rugg.  These awesome guys organized and promoted a series of eBay auctions of original art and collectible books to help support Sparkplug as we realize our goals. 
We also owe a debt of gratitude to the dozens of artists who gave their creations and books to be sold in the auctions, as well as friends and colleagues who made other generous donations.  Here are the names of those who contributed:

Adam Hines
Adrian Tomine
Aleks Sennwald
Allie & Jeremy Tiedeman
Annie Koyama
Art Spiegelman
Ben Dewey
Bill Boichel
Bill Kartolopuolos
Charles Brownstein
Chris Pitzer
Dan Clowes
Dan Nadel
David Lasky
Dunja Jankovic
Eric Reynolds
Eroyn Franklin
Ethan Rilly
Gabe Fowler
Greg Stump
Ian MacEwan
James Romberger
Jason T. Miles
Jeff Lemire
Jenny Gialenes
Jeremy Eaton
Jim Rugg
John Porcellino
Jonathan Case
Jordan Crane
Jordan Shively
Julia Wertz
Karn Piana
Katy Ellis O’Brien
Kelly Froh
Ken Dahl (Gabby Schulz)
Kevin Huizenga
Levon Jihanian
Luke Ramsey
Malachi Ward
Marc Palm
Martine Workman
Matt Fraction
Matthew Sheean
Max Clotfelter
Megan Kelso
Micheal Deforge
Michel Fiffe
Natalie Nourigat
Nate Powell
Nick Abadzis
Paul Hornschemeier
Pete Toms
Peter Bagge
Peter @ The Beguiling Books
Rebecca Artemisia
Renee French
Rich Tommaso
Ryan Standfest
Sarah Morean
Sean Ford
Stephen DeStefano
Steve Lieber
Tom Scioli
Victor Kerlow
Warren Bernard