It is with unparalleled, complete and total excitement that Sparkplug Comic Books extends a heartfelt congratulations and hearty thank you to all of our authors for setting the Ignatz Nominations ON FIRE with six nominations across nine categories this year:

Inkweed – Chris Wright – Best Anthology or Collection
Windy Corner – Austin English – Best Anthology or Collection
Hot Breath of War – Trevor Alixopulos – Outstanding Graphic Novel
The Urn – Chris Wright, Inkweed – Outstanding Story
Austin English – Windy Corner #2 – Promising New Talent
Reich – Elijah Brubaker – Outstanding Series

We would also like to extend many, many heartfelt congratulations to fellow nominees Jesse Reklaw, Joey Sayers, Sarah Glidden, Jonas Madden-Connor, Greg Means, Juliacks, Laura Park, Dash Shaw, MK Reed, Lilli Carre, Ted May, Jason Robards, Onsmith, Gerald Jablonski, Dunya Jankovic, David King – all total BFF’s of Sparkplug!

We asked Austin English about it: “That is a lot of friends! But that is what is strange about these things, as an artist. You look at this list of amazingly talented people—and it’s easy to forget that a lot of them happen to be people you’re close to. You read these peoples work, respond to it—and then seek out their support in the real world.”

Sparkplug is committed to providing artists whose talents deserve a larger audience with the starting place to find it. We are grateful and proud that our little labor of love has resulted in the wider recognition of some of the brightest up and comers working in comics today and are also happy to have the privilege of distributing the mini comics of some of the most visionary and talented creators in the US of A!

The Ignatz Award winners will be announced on Saturday, October 4th at the Small Press Expo. Please stop by the Sparkplug booth for free copies of Nerdburglar (our anthology with Tugboat Press and Teenage Dinasour) and, special for SPX only, our Sparkplug SPX 08 Zine, a sampler featuring some of the works of our Ignatz nominees.

Here is the complete list and write up on the Ingaztes this year.